Italian Orange Cream

Italian Orange Cream

The Man, aka my husband, made this.  Sometimes he amazes me with his “throw together” skills.  Other times, such as the time he thought putting a can of green beans, and pork & beans together with some creamed corn?  Not so much.

This was creamy, cold and very refreshing.  I’ll definitely be asking him to make it for us again!


  • 1 oz. Bailey’s Irish Cream
  • 1.5 oz. DiSaronno Italian liquor
  • 8 oz. orange juice

Pour over ice & mix.  Enjoy responsibly!

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Mint Mojito

Mint Mojito © 2008
Makes one serving:

2 T white sugar
24 mint leaves
Juice of 4-5 key limes (about 2 oz)
1.25 oz. Light or Golden Rum (I used light, but have heard Golden is tasty!)
2 oz club Soda
If you have a mortar and pestle use it! If not, simply put mint leaves, sugar and lime juice in a bowl and crush with a spoon until the leaves are softened in the mixture. Pour into drink mixer (if you don’t have a mixer just pour into a glass).
Add Rum, 4-5 drops Bitters then fill with club soda. If you’re using the drink mixer hold onto the lid TIGHT and shake once or twice. If you’re using a cup, quickly pour from one cup to another to mix well, then back again. Pour into your glass and enjoy!
This is Rachel’s recipe that she shared with me…thanks luv!