Roast Pork & Canadian Bacon Sandwich

Roast Pork & Canadian Bacon Sandwiches
I love pork roast and also the fact that when I buy the roast I can always get at least two meals out of it.  Usually pulled pork sandwiches follow the roast meal but I wanted something different and these sandwiches found at Closet Cooking were just that.  Kind-a weird sounding but extremely simple and in case you aren’t in in the know, pickles make everything acceptable. 

The kids were mmmm’ing and ohmygosh’ing all over these sandwiches and that’s good enough for me!  Salty, spicy & filling it made a meal all by themselves, no veggies required.

buns (sliced in half)
leftover pork roast, sliced thin
Canadian bacon (I bought Oscar Meyer pre-cooked)
Swiss cheese, sliced
pickles, sliced (I used dill)
Dijon mustard

Spread Dijon over both slices of bun, then layer pork, bacon & Swiss cheese.  Broil open faced buns on low until heated through and the meat is warm under the cheese.  You may have to remove the naked buns from the oven before the ones with the meat & cheeses to keep them from burning.  Remove from broiler, add pickle slices & serve warm.


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