Inside Out Hamburger

Inside Out Hamburger

I found the recipe HERE.

2 lbs. ground beef
Swiss cheese, sliced
1 pkg. pre-cooked bacon
Your choice of extra goodies – ketchup, mustard, lettuce, pickles, mayo, buns, etc.

Shape ground beef into extra thin, round patties. Cut swiss cheese squares into quarters. Also, cut bacon into 1-inch pieces. Place cheese and bacon pieces on the center of a hamburger patty. Place a second hamburger patty on top, cinching the edges all the way around to seal the burger…it will be a big burger! 🙂 Repeat with the rest of the ground beef.

2 thoughts on “Inside Out Hamburger

  1. Made these last night and they were SO good!I exchanged the Swiss cheese for Pepper Jack to add extra flavor.I also added an egg to the hamburger meat to help it stick better while making the patties.


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